Medicine Man feat. More than Sparrows

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Waco-based band, Medicine Man, is set to perform their debut album “So Much to Say” for the first time at Common Grounds on March 29 with special guest, More than Sparrows, another local band.  Both groups bring their own style and voice to the table, giving something for every listener.

Medicine Man:

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Tell me a little bit about the new album.

We decided to live track the album which means that we’re all in the tracking room together playing and recording it at the same time instead of going track by track.  We had to rehearse like crazy and be perfect, basically. We had to go in and have it down and so we went into the room, played it, and that’s pretty much what you hear on the album.

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Where does the title “So Much to Say” come from?

So Much to Say is the expression of my frustration with working so hard on this project.  We all studied music so this is what we want to do, and Medicine Man is our favorite project. So Much to Say is about us just wanting to be heard and it’s hard to do that in the music industry.  It’s a constant friction between having to market yourselves and think about all the different moving parts because you start to feel like you’re running a clothing store. So, So Much to Say is our frustration with the business side of the music industry because all we want to do is make good music. At the end of the day, we want to say what we think needs to be heard.

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What can we expect from the Common Grounds show?

It’s the first time you’ll hear the album all the way through.  We start out with the song “So Much to Say” and end with a song entitled “Coming Home” so you’ll get to hear a wide variety of style, the different points in out musical career. You’ll get to hear who we are but also how we’ve changed.

More than Sparrows:

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Where does the name More than Sparrows come from?

In the sermon on the mount, Jesus says my father takes care of the birds of the air, and basically how much more He will take care of us.  In Matthew 10 it also talks about how much more we are to God than the sparrows so it’s a combination of the two.

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How would you describe the band’s sound?

It’s indie acoustic, but there really isn’t a sound that we try to keep.  We each have our own styles, and when you put them together that’s what makes our sound as a band.

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What do you want listeners to get out of your music?

When I write songs, it’s personal to what I feel or what I’m experiencing and a lot of times the lyrics end up being more personal. Opposed to Hillsong where their lyrics are broader and more meant for worship, these songs aren’t written for church.  It’s more of a personal devotional. I want people to feel like they’re not alone, and they aren’t alone in their experiences. There are things that we experience as Christians that are hard and not talked about much. It’s okay to feel that way, and it’s okay to be angry, sad, doubtful, and that doesn’t mean that you’re not a Christian.   want people to feel comforted and known.

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Written by: Darby Good

Edited by: Abby Sowder

Photos by: Claire Boston