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Horses in The Back; Yeehaw clothes attached

If you haven’t heard the song “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X yet, or you don’t have your horses in the back, then it’s doubtful that you know about Game of Thrones season eight or that the current year is 2019. However, if you have managed to evade all media, then welcome to this article solely about a new “yeehaw” trend of music, memes, and of course, clothes.

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The Ultimate Style Guide: Finding Inspiration from Across the Web

Imagine this: it’s hours before the big event. Maybe it’s the first day of classes, the first football game of the season, or even a frat party. Either way, you know you’ve got to look good. But your closet is offering no help, and despite the fact that your floor is now covered with clothes, you have nothing to wear.

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Outfits for Books

Crazy Rich Asians:  This book brings about the opulence of a different world for the main character, Rachel Chu, when she is thrust into the limelight of Singapore’s wealth as she goes to visit her boyfriend’s family. Throughout this book, there are vivid descriptions of bright colors, metallic outfits and bling bling bling! To bring together an outfit that would transport you into the world of Crazy Rich Asians, the goal is to catch the eye.

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