Spring Fashion Trends Have Sprung!

April has been showered in a new season of fashion trends, which means there’s plenty of time to update your wardrobe so May can be showered in the hottest styles. Buttoned has created a list of what needs to be in your closet this spring. Check it out!


1.    Neon Green – Totally tubular, neon is back! Think the vibrancy of Nickelodeon slime without the clean up. Trust us, you’ll look great!


Picture: ASOS

2.    Persimmon – It’s red. It’s orange. It’s a bit pink. Persimmon is basically a sunset all in one color. (To Christopher of Project Runway season 10, we feel your pain.)


Picture: ModCloth



1.    Leopard Print – Wild thing, you make my heart sing. Pair leopard with a strong, solid color and your outfit will pop.


Picture: Elle

2.    Floral Print – It wouldn’t be spring without floral print. You think we’d be sick of it by now, but those vibrant buds never go out of style.                                                            


Picture: Elle

Written by: Amanda Seaboch

Edited by: Abby Sowder