The Ultimate Style Guide: Finding Inspiration from Across the Web


Imagine this: it’s hours before the big event. Maybe it’s the first day of classes, the first football game of the season, or even a frat party. Either way, you know you’ve got to look good. But your closet is offering no help, and despite the fact that your floor is now covered with clothes, you have nothing to wear. It’s a scenario far too real to ignore, and that’s why I've made this comprehensive list as your ultimate guide for style inspiration. Here are the top 5 platforms to help you look fabulous for any occasion.

1. Youtube

Familiar to all of us, Youtube is an amazing source for anything fashion related. With the ability to search anything as specific as “sorority rush outfits” to something general like “how to put an outfit together,” instant style insight is at the touch of your fingertips. With so many creators on the site, you're guaranteed to find someone with a similar style. Here are some of my favorite fashion Youtubers:

Bestdressed: Trendy and relatable. Bestdressed, aka Ashley, has plenty of videos for all things fashion (and life!) related.

Tothe9s: Effortlessly cool and sporty, Cassie and Ricci are an iconic duo on Youtube with their helpful lookbooks and thrifting videos

Stealthespotlight: Bold, colorful, and funky, Stealthespotlight, or Katie, creates vibrant fashion content with several outfit inspiration videos to help you in times of fashion need

Tess Christine: Feminine and practical, Tess Christine shops at stores like Lulu Lemon and Brandy Melville to create outfits for the modern on-the-go girl.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest, an app that most of us unashamedly use, is a major style source with an overflow of boards, links, and pictures for fashion or beauty inspiration. Like Youtube, you can be as general or as specific as you want in your search. Sometimes, however, it doesn’t do as well with overly specific searches because Pinterest’s search results are dependent on keywords tagged onto its posts. Nevertheless, it’s definitely a go-to place for fast inspiration. I even routinely look at it in the morning in order to help me pick an outfit faster. Here are some great boards to get you started:

3. Blogs

Blogs, just like Buttoned, contain oodles of fashion creativity and guidance to help you pick the perfect outfit. They’re fun to read, interactive, and a “one-stop shop” for everything you might need in gaining inspiration. Here are some college savvy blogs to look into:

4. Apps

Easily accessible and fun, fashion apps are a unique way to help in a fashion frenzy. With global communities sharing their fashion, you’re sure to be inspired! A couple of apps to try out:

Like to Know it- This app lets you shop outfits off of the instagram posts you like

Polyvore- take quizzes and "like" items for personalized recommended fashion items you're sure to love

The Hunt- Post a picture or caption of a specific item you're looking for and get directed to where you can buy it or something similar

5. Instagram

Last, but never least, is Instagram. If you’re not already following or looking at anything style-related, finding your perfect page can be hard with Instagram’s algorithm, but a few simple tricks can fix that. Searching through hashtags or looking through your favorite fashion influencer’s followings can spice up your explore page with similar posts catered to your taste. Check out these Instagram pages to get things rolling:

@wearilive- thrifted New York vibes

@yasalamfashionblog- high fashion

@alealimay- edgy and sporty

@paytonsartain- Beachy L.A. girl

@gabsevi- clean and modern

So, the next time you're low on ideas, check out these platforms to get your fashion groove back on!

Photo by: Allison Lee

Written by: Jasmine Crabb

Edited by: Andi Perkins