Green by Spring: A quick guide for eco-friendly living


It’s 2019, the Patriots made it again, and, oh yeah, green is IN.

While there is nothing wrong with adding some more green into your growing Baylor attire, eco-friendly living is as green as you can get at the moment, and it has never looked or felt so good on everyone! The environment needs our help, and the best part is you will look super stylish while helping out. Below are five simple tips to help you start on your green path, and to keep you staying golden along the way.

  1. Use your green-bags! Going on a Target run without a list? Dangerous, but bring reusable bags! Single-use plastic bags are a leading cause of pollution and do not biodegrade, and honestly, they are very, very unstylish. Reusable bags made from cotton and other biodegradable sources can be used for so many occasions, from an overnight vacation to a girl’s day out. They are also bigger and stronger than single use and will save you a few trips back and forth from the car. But best yet, they come in SO MANY VARIETIES. Seriously, almost any hobby, tv show, book, color, or pattern that you love has probably already made its way onto a reusable bag somewhere, and if not, then you can always paint your own blank canvas bag! Make a party of it, because you will be the coolest person around.

  2. Ditch the single-use plastic bottles! Today, it’s almost as common to see students carrying around Hydroflasks and Swells as it is to see them carrying laptops. Long hour insulation and personal stickers have helped the popularity of reusable bottles to skyrocket, but the need for them is still great. Just like single-use bags, plastic bottles are a leading cause of pollution, and many end up circling the ocean. That doesn’t give very good beach vibes. But just like reusable bags, reusable bottles are practically limitless in size, shape, and color, meaning that you can find the perfect one for you. Keep one on you at all times to stay hydrated and prepared, and don’t forget to bring one for the coffee as well. Get one now to complete that favorite outfit that seems to be missing that one thing.

  3. Avoid the straws!!!! Unlike single-use bags and bottles which can be recycled, used plastic straws are nearly impossible to breakdown and recycle. Eating on the go, or visiting your favorite coffee shop for an iced latte seems to demand straws, and that’s okay, as long as you’ve remembered to bring one of your favorite reusable straws. Bamboo and metal reusable straws are best, but anything beats the single use! That also allows you to know the cleanliness of your straw and to ensure that you stay clear of any germs or unpredicted allergies. They are so cheap and so green. Sip with style.

  4. Thrift, thrift, thrift! Overconsumption is a problem in today’s world, but one way to help reduce that is to buy, sell and barter used items of almost every sort. Most of us are guilty of stealing old shirts and such from parents or siblings, and the rest of the world shouldn’t be much different (without stealing them of course). Visiting local thrift stores, stopping for garage sale signs, and passing down items to or from friends and family is a great way to find cool new or vintage pieces all while saving you some serious cash! When you do come across an item that is too used for sharing, then find an H&M near you where your clothes can be recycled into new masterpieces. Did that old printer your brother give you stop working during finals? Resist the urge to take a bat to it and drop it off at Best Buy, free of charge. Thrift often and save that cash for those spur of the moment Target runs!

  5. Get involved!! The best way to spread green awareness is singing loud for all to hear this! Okay, so maybe don’t sing carols about climate change, but do get informed about and involved with what is going on around you, small and large scale, concerning the environment. Participate in local cleanups, vote for important issues, spread some tips, or maybe place a few bamboo straws in some stockings over the holidays. Being eco-friendly isn’t just a trend, it’s a lifestyle, and one that can really give back to you and many others in the process. Learn about policies and voice your opinion, but don’t forget to act on them as well. You’ve got this!

So, these were just five simple tips, but there is so much more out there you can do! Visit our previous articles about brand awareness and the importance of thrifting for more ideas and remember to practice, practice, practice. Don’t give up on your best style yet!

Written by: Camryn Thane

Photo by:

Edited by: Andi Perkins