The Canadian Tuxedo

Hockey, peanut butter, bacon, and Ryan Gosling, eh. We owe thanks to our neighbors from the North for all of these monumental contributions to society. However, one gift in particular has stood the test of time and has consistently been the center of debate throughout the world of fashion. Britney and Justin rocked it in 2001 at the American Music Awards. The 70’s saw it reach new heights, and it has made countless appearances in awkward family photos. I’m talking about the  infamous Canadian tuxedo.

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Whether you love it or hate it, one thing is for sure: denim on denim is a statement. Those who share a love for this bold look will be happy to know that it is making a comeback once again. For those considering joining this movement, here are a couple tips and tricks to rocking this controversial look.

For a Canadian Tuxedo beginner, it is important to start out by wearing different washes to create contrast. When wearing a light denim jacket, pair it with darker jeans and vice versa. There are so many different washes out there, so the possibilities are endless. The key to denim on denim success lies within finding the perfect denim jacket. Unfortunately, there is no perfect equation when it comes to this decision. It’s kind of like when Harry Potter’s wand chose him. You don’t choose the denim jacket; the denim jacket chooses you. It might be oversized, covered in patches, ripped, or fitted. Your denim jacket is an extension of your personality, so keep looking for that perfect one.

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Now, we don’t want to scare off denim resisters, so it is important to break up the denim on denim with the perfect shirt. There are many options when it comes to this decision. You can layer: throw on a tank top, your favorite flannel, your jacket, and a cool pair of sneakers, and you’re instantly transported back to the 90’s. For a more polished look, you can wear a flowy tank top and some cute sandals. When it comes down to it, denim on denim is extremely versatile and goes with virtually anything. Make it your own through experimentation. It can be scary at first, and your friends may question you. Once you put on that perfect jean jacket, you’ll never be able to take it off, and you just might forget how to put an outfit together without it.

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So try it out, join the movement, and when you see a fellow “Canadian” around campus, give them a nod or a thumbs up. Roll up your cuffs, and you’re ready to go. Rock that tuxedo!

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Written by: Josie Gruber
Photos by: Michaela Schirra
Edited by: Andi Perkins 
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