Hemp: What is it Good For?

Hemp has been kind of a scary word in America for a while because of its association with marijuana and drug/hippie culture. However people are starting to look at it in a different light, and give this material the justice it deserves.

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Since Colorado’s legalization of marijuana, people have begun to seriously consider hemp and its non-intoxicating benefits. Because it’s an easy-to-grow material and has little impact on the environment, it’s a great crop for farmers. Hemp and CBD also have very diverse and effective uses in fashion, health, and home.

In fashion, hemp is gaining traction as a renewable alternative material to polyester, cotton, and other environmentally exhaustive materials. Hemp is much easier to grow, and you can grow more of it per acre than cotton while maintaining the durability of the finest materials. Even though there is a higher premium to pay for hemp clothing, it is worth every penny.

Companies like Outerknown and Jungmaven, who have storied histories of providing the world with renewable and fair trade clothing, are leading the charge with hemp. Jungmaven’s entire product line has hemp in its composition, and Outerknown is introducing more lines of shirts that have a hemp blend. Even Orvis, Patagonia, and other big names are hopping on board with the material. These shirts are perfect for any season, come in multiple weights, and are probably the softest shirt you will ever own. Plus, hemp’s durability means that it will last for many, many washes, reducing the need to buy more shirts because of wearout.

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Hemp is also making a statement in the world of wellness. Hemp and CBD oils are known to have many wellness benefits, such as pain relief, skin care, and even nutrition. Hemp seeds are a known source of protein that can be incorporated into a healthy diet, and hemp oils have a lot of fatty acids, Omega-3 and -6 that are good for the body and skin. You can find these in essential oils, face and body washes, lotions, and other creams.

You can also put hemp to use around your home! You can buy reusable tote bags made of the material, which are handy for shopping. Rugs, bedding, towels, and other textiles can also be found with hemp in it.  

Hemp has the potential to be the most powerful material on Earth, and there’s a lot of easy ways to incorporate its prowess in to your life. Hopefully this guide has helped show how it can benefit you!

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Written by: Ricky Shull
Photos by: Ricky Shull
Edited by: Andi Perkins 
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