Outfits for Books


Crazy Rich Asians: 

This book brings about the opulence of a different world for the main character, Rachel Chu, when she is thrust into the limelight of Singapore’s wealth as she goes to visit her boyfriend’s family. Throughout this book, there are vivid descriptions of bright colors, metallic outfits and bling bling bling! To bring together an outfit that would transport you into the world of Crazy Rich Asians, the goal is to catch the eye. A bright colored shirt with an Asian flare paired with black pants for a demure day out or with a patterned skirt for a fun night out! Platform sandals and heels would be the perfect shoe to help you fit right in with the Young family. Finally, Buttoned suggest wearing your hair back and completing the outfit with statement earrings - a gold ear cuff or red dangle earrings would make you the star of any show! If you follow this outfit guide it would make you able to strut through the streets of Singapore without a care! 


Live like it’s Halloween all year long by sitting down with a spooky novel and embedding yourself in the mystery and murder of the town Derry. This story - that takes place in Maine -  is a heart-pounding tale about survival and the bond of friendship. This film is set in the fall, so a thick knit sweater would make you feel oh-so-cozy as you are walking around the town of Derry searching for Pennywise. Throw on a pair of well worn jeans, some boots, and you are good to go! Make sure that you can move in these items though, you don’t want to get caught by Pennywise and not be able to run away! 


The story of a young woman, Eilis Lacey, who travels from Ireland to the United States to pursue the American Dream. It is a touching tale about rising from adversity and facing tough decisions regarding love, courage and deciding your own destiny. Set in the 1950’s,  the outfit inspired by this book will bring retro back to the forefront of your closet! A high-waisted midi skirt is the first choice for this outfit, and pairing it with a form fitting crew neck sweater is the next step to getting you one step closer to walking the streets of New York City. A thick belt should tie in the rest of the outfit while giving it a cool retro vibe. Finish off the look with a pair of kitten heels -  easy to walk in and on the forefront of fashion at the moment. This outfit will make you look like a stylish retro queen! 


The story of a young woman who arrives in New York City to start out her career should seem familiar to some of our readers as they get ready to graduate and move on. To create an outfit inspired by this movie, think sleek, stylish and on the move. Tess, the main character, needs to be able to go at a moment’s notice in this busy city, but she also needs to always look her best. A form fitting, one-colored, jumpsuit screams sophisticated style and shows the statement of a person who is determined. Wearing a pair of print heels with the ensemble adds a fun flare to the look to show that even though you are determined, you still know how to have fun. Some minimalistic jewelry can shape the outfit together and a neutral colored clutch brings the outfit together so that you can embody the spirit of Sweetbitter - determined, hungry, and stylish. 

Written by: Samantha Caldwell

Photo by: Rachel Caldwell

Edited by: Andi Perkins