Five Summer Fashion Trends You'll Gladly Keep Wearing

Embrace those high temperatures because we’re in the last month of summer. Soon we’ll be bundled in layers and fogging up the air with our frozen breath. (Okay, maybe not so soon because this is Texas, but still). This summer brought, with the sunny skies, a season of unforgettable trends that reignited our love of style, and the best part is we’ll be wearing them well into the coming season. Here are five summer trends that you’re not too late to incorporate into your wardrobe.

Geometric Statement Earrings

Think Piet Mondrain in his abstract art phase, and you’ve got the right idea. Nothing is delicate about these kind of earrings. They’re the best accessories to make a statement.

Chunky Footwear

I’m not sure how this trend took shape, but these shoes have arrived and they’re here for the long haul. Platform sandals, stocky tennis shoes, and bulky slides will keep you stepping in style.

Mini Sunglasses

The 90’s called, and they’re more than okay with us wearing mini sunglasses again. Guys and gals alike can rock this one. Just look at Khalid and Haim.

Bold Colors

Gone are the days of pastel sundresses. It’s all about showing off your bright side with colors that pop. Whether on top or bottom, we’re taking ROYGBIV to the max.

Standout Patterns

Going along with bold colors, we’re obsessed with large-printed, head-turning, one-of-a-kind patterns to wear on top and bottom. Floral prints are a safe bet, but don’t forget about stripes and multicolored plaid.

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Written by: Amanda Seaboch
Photos by (unless marked): Rachel Caldwell
Edited by: Andi Perkins
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