Gingham vs. Plaid

Gingham and plaid are two patterns that never seem to go out of style. Each can offer a fun element into your outfit, yet can also be used for completely different reasons.



Plaid is always a great addition for any outfit — especially in the fall and offers a cool, casual look. You can easily throw on a plaid shirt on top of a basic tee and jeans to add a fun layer to the outfit.

Gingham is perfect for dressing up outfits and adds a more professional element while keeping the fun of a lined pattern. Shirts and dresses, styled with different jewelry, can easily make a well-balanced outfit for your day.

Both plaid and gingham come in the form of dresses, shirts, pants and scarves, but each offer something new to the table. Cute and casual outfits are accompanied by the color plaid offers, but gingham brings something new that can always be enjoyed in more dressed-up outfits.

Written by: Darby Good
Edited by: Abby Sowder
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