ACL Outfits: How to Curate Your Festival Fashion

With Austin City Limits quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning the perfect festival look. Festival fashion is bold, eclectic, and oftentimes over-the-top, so it can be hard to know where to begin. Here are a few places to start…

Matching Sets

What could be easier to throw together than a matching set? Keep it casual with biker shorts and a matching sports bra, or go a bit dressier with a cute crop top and matching skirt. Either way, this simple look will draw eyes!


Sheer and Mesh

Dressing for a festival comes with a certain freedom to be bolder than usual. One way to embrace this boldness—and layer while still beating the heat—is incorporating sheer or mesh clothing into your look. Patterned sheer tops and fishnet stockings are festival staples.


Practical Shoes

You’ll be walking a lot, so find a pair of shoes that are comfortable and cute. Bulky tennis shoes or combat boots are popular choices—just make sure your fashion has function!


Final Touches

Don’t forget to accessorize! Play around with bold jewelry, chain belts, wide brim hats, bandanas, and anything fringe! Button’s Editor-in-Chief particularly loves hair rings. Now is your chance to accessorize to the nines, so take advantage of it.

Written by: Greta Gessert

Edited by: Abby Sowder