How To: Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

Moving to college is a new and exciting time, but it’s not always easy to make a little dorm room feel cozy and inviting. We joined freshman (and my sister) Katelyn Tullos in her Collins room to learn how she made her dorm room feel like home. 


Include Texture 

The stark white walls of Baylor’s dorm rooms aren’t exactly warm and cozy, so Katelyn hung a tapestry and added cozy pillows to add color and texture to her space. Tapestries are great because they’re trendy and fun, but also easy to take down (your future move out self will thank you, trust me).


Make it (Smell) Sweet

It’s no secret that dorm rooms tend to have an *interesting* sort of musty smell about them. While candles are prohibited in most dorms, alternatives like Wallflower Wall Plug-Ins from Bath & Body Works do a good job of masking that dorm room smell. Katelyn uses the same scent in Waco as she does at home!

Add Touches of Your Personality 

Katelyn loves coffee, so she and her roommate added a cute coffee bar. Being able to brew her favorite beverage makes her room an even better space for her. Whether it’s a coffee bar or a poster of a band you love, include something that shows off what makes you, you. 


Showcase the People You Love

Finally, add photos of your friends and family. This is a sure way to make you feel at home! Take the opportunity to get creative with how you hang them. Katelyn used a string of lights, but you could also create a gallery wall!


Written by: Megan Tullos

Photos by: Kaitlyn Cameron

Edited by: Josie Gruber