How To: Channel Your Inner Ariana Grande


If you haven’t been living under a rock, I’m sure you’re aware of the success that Ariana Grande is having in the music industry. With her girl power anthems and hit singles, she is dominating the Top 100 list week after week. Her newfound girlboss status comes from her inspiring music surrounding breakups and empowerment. This music has generated a social media wave of women promoting the girl power attitude of her music into everyday life. Here are some ways you can bring it into your personal style so everyone can feel like a certified “it-girl.”


Not only are they a fashion staple, they have the power to upgrade any look. There is just something about hoops that make you feel like you are able to conquer the world. They are a versatile accessory because they come in all shapes, sizes and colors, so you can match them to your own unique style.

Lip Gloss

The best way to feel sparkly and like a total boss babe is to pick a fun gloss. It has the ability to polish any look with minimal effort. As a wise woman once said, “my lipgloss is cool. my lipgloss is poppin.” Not only does the shine exude girlboss status, it makes you feel like it too.

High Ponytail

This really is an Ariana staple, and is completely versatile for various face shapes and personal style. Adding this hairstyle to an ensemble elevates not only your cheekbones, but your entire look.

State of Mind

You can add all the outward accessories you want, but without confidence there is no way to really own a girl power aesthetic. This is the key to channeling your inner Ariana. Owning who you are unapologetically is the way to be the best version of yourself. Confidence is the accessory that never goes out of style, and if you have that, you are able to conquer anything life throws at you.  

Written by: Emilee Edwards

Edited by: Andi Perkins