How To: Make Athleisure Your Own

In recent years, the “athleisure” trend has taken off. Vintage Nike and Adidas items are worn as streetwear, and brands like Outdoor Voices and Athleta have begun re-inventing the way we see athletic brands. We no longer associate “workout” brands with only exercise. The reason being people love being comfortable, and for many it makes them feel more comfortable with themselves if they can move freely in their clothes.

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There is a way to make your athletic wear “glam” by paying attention to the colors and prints, as well as the shape. There are many brands that sell matching sets, which give a put-together look to monochromatic color schemes.

Articles of athleisure clothing come in a broad spectrum; you can look preppy in pastel from some brands, while looking trendy and edgy in others. Athleisure makes a lot of looks possible, but in order for it to work you have to understand the style that you are going for and choose your brands consciously.

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Pick your brands wisely

Depending on the style you are going for, brand choice is of great importance. If you are aiming for a feminine sporty look, brands like Outdoor Voices and Athleta have pastel color schemes and carefully tailored designs. If an edgy or “street style” aesthetic is what you want, 90’s style athletic wear can be found in many thrift stores and online. Nike and Adidas have even revamped many of their past vintage styles.

Shoes are key

Many brands have started making streetwear shoes a staple within their brand. For example, Outdoor Voices just launched their shoe line. Even high-end brands like Off-White and Balenciaga have capitalized on the clunky sneaker trend. A solid sneaker choice truly enhances an athleisure outfit.

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AccessorWhen it comes to athleisure, delicate gold and silver necklaces or hoop earrings give your outfit a polished look while still maintaining a simple, yet put-together aesthetic.

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Take it to the gym, or not

Ideally, athletic wear should be able to take you from class to the gym with very little effort. And, dressing cute makes your workout feel better in every way. Depending on how athletically styled your outfit is, athleisure can be incredibly versatile.  

Opt for interesting geometrics and patterns

Choose interesting pieces! Black leggings are functional, but no one will remember you for them. If you are going to wear athleisure, try to make it stand out. Pick unique pieces that catch the eye such as stripes, color-blocking and pops of color.

Mix it up

Don’t feel as though you must wear all athletic wear. There are interesting ways to mix both active wear and streetwear. For example, combine the “clunky sneaker trend” with your favorite dress or skirt. Athleisure can be a daring way to change up your everyday style, so have fun with it!

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Written by: Emilee Edwards
Photos by: Allison Lee
Edited by: Abby Sowder
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