How To: Dress for the Texas Heat - Advice from a Non-Texan

As a Michigander entering my fourth year of living in Texas, I’d like to think I’ve figured out a thing or two about dressing for the heat. Today, I’m going to pass my helpful hints on to you.

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Invest in Sandals

My freshman year I was convinced I wouldn’t need sandals. I tried to get by simply with my old Converse, but by September I bought my first pair of Birkenstocks. Sandals are a necessity. Whether they be Birkenstocks, Chacos, Tevas, Havaianas... anything as long as your feet have the ability to breathe.

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Anticipate Sweat

Sweat stains are awkward, but inevitable. However, certain colors and materials are more prone to sweat stains than others. Here are some rules of thumb: greys and light colors will show sweat stains more readily, so try to wear more whites and blacks instead; also, gravitate towards shirts that allow airflow, specifically with looser sleeves.

Your Swimsuit is Your Best Friend

Think about it, your swimsuit is perhaps the only item of clothing that fits exactly right, feels comfortable, can get wet, and looks cute. When worn under clothing, a swimsuit top adds a pop of color while keeping you cooler than traditional undergarments (and it also gives you the ability to go swimming anytime you want!)

Remember How Colors Work

Lighter colors will be cooler and darker colors will be warmer. White is an amazing sartorial asset because it does help your body stay cooler than darker colors along the grey scale.

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Written by: JJ Dickinson
Photos by: Allison Lee
Edited by: Abby Sowder
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