How to: Compliment your body type

Body types today are receiving much wider inclusion and acceptance than in years past, and we at Buttoned love what that means for more diverse fashion. Guy or girl, here is a basic guide for how to best complement and show off the four main body types.


Apple / Strawberry

  • Shoulders wider than hips; less defined waistline; wider midsection for Apples

Tops: Anything flowing or relaxed. V-necks, button-ups, and tunics are your friend, guy or girl. Fitted sleeves may help balance the bust mid-section as well.

Layers: For fitted jackets, vests, or coats, those fitted at the hip or upper thigh complement your body shape the best. A-line coats and ponchos were made for you! Knee-length trench coats will also look great on guys and girls.

Bottoms: Skinny jeans and leggings paired with flowing or relaxed tops look great on you! For longer legs, a bootcut or flared jean may elongate your silhouette.

Dresses: Maxi lengths with a lower neckline, A-line knee lengths, and strapless would look best on you.



  • Wider waistline than bust or shoulders; fuller, curvy hips with narrower shoulders

Tops: There’s almost nothing that won’t complement your top! V-necks, scoop-necks, even turtle necks will look great on you. More fitted tops may help give you more definition for your narrower shoulders and will accent your narrow waist.

Layers: Pears will look best in A-line and princess cut, waist-length jackets or anything that is mid-thigh, or even mid-calf.

Bottoms: Darker or softer toned colors will help balance your upper and lower body. Flare jeans really help to balance proportions as well, and rolled up bootcut would look great on guys and girls.

Dresses: Open backs, sleeves that flare, belted or fitted waists, and t-shirt dresses look best on pears. Skirt or dress lengths that extend just below the knee will lengthen your frame, but don’t stay away from maxis either!



  • Curvy with a well-defined, narrower waist; bust and hip mostly even and fuller

Tops: Form fitting tops will accentuate your curves and waist. Peplums are your friend, as are V-necks and flowing sleeves. Elbow length sleeves may help to draw attention to your narrower waist.

Layers: Literally anything fitted around the waist! Cropped pieces as well as longer trench coats or cardigans are also your friend. Boxier pieces will not help to accentuate your waist.

Bottoms: High-waisted bottoms or skirts were made for you! But don’t be afraid to rock skinny and bell bottomed jeans, or even jumpsuits. Because your shape is quite balanced, you won’t need as many details to accentuate the hips.

Dresses: All things flowing and all things fitted at the waist. Hourglasses can rock pretty much any length.



  • Not curvy; shoulder and hip widths nearly the same; athletic or slender; can be taller or shorter; evenly distributed weight and proportions

Tops: Draw attention to you slender or toned arms with shorter or fitted sleeves. Halter tops, scoop necks, and thin straps will help accentuate your shoulders. Fitted waists may help to define your midsection more. Statement collars and turtlenecks are also your friends.

Layers: Bomber jackets, flowy cardigans or jackets work well for this type. Cropped or fitted waists will help add shape to your midsection. If you want to minimize this area, then try A-line cuts at the hip or below the knee.

Bottoms: Skinny jeans and leggings were made for you. High-waisted or medium rise flares and bootcuts will look great on you as well.

Dresses: Halter top dresses look great on you, as do pretty much all dress types and lengths. It’s just all about what you’re looking to accentuate.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what you feel best in and what gives you that boost of confidence. All fruits are equally great in their own unique ways!

Written by: Camryn Thane

Edited by: Abby Sowder