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Sam Cedar

Sam Cedar walked across the parking lot to meet us in a cool, collected, John Bender from The Breakfast Club kind of way. I kept expecting him to pump his first in the air with triumph. Bundled up to combat the cold, it was apparent that there was depth to his style – another element revealed with every layer.

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Tori Templet

The first time I met Tori Templet, she was in a thrifted blue jumpsuit, standing out in a sea of people. This girl is spunky, bold, and bright. With her own music on Spotify and loads of talent in her back-pocket, this girl is a shining star. Her style is original, lively, and sometimes hand-made. It is no wonder why she is this week’s So Hot Right Now.

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Sarah Carr

Sarah has style, plain and simple. After studying abroad twice and learning about countless cultures, she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to following different trends. Most of the time she’s wearing ensembles from Paris thrift shops only dreamt about before or sporting unique pieces gifted from around the world. For every reason just named, Sarah is this week’s So Hot Right Now.

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