Berkeley Taylor

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Classification: Junior

Major: Apparel Merchandising, minor in Entrepreneurship 

Hometown: Dallas, TX

She’s a fashionable, fun-loving southern girl from Dallas, Texas. An aspiring blogger to be, Berkeley Taylor is a fashion inspiration to her many followers on Instagram. Her feminine sense of fashion shines through, and this is why she is this week’s So Hot Right Now

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as feminine and flirty but chic at the same time. 

Where do you find inspiration for your style?

I find a lot of my inspiration from nature, like florals and mixing it with patterns. I also look up to a lot of bloggers and grab inspiration from what they post. 

What’s your favorite color palette to work with for your style? 

My favorite color palette is pink, but I’ve incorporated neutrals for the fall season. I’ve also been wearing a lot of light blues too and a lot of pastels. 


What is your favorite piece of clothing?

Dresses, because I like how its more flattering for my body type, and it’s nice to only have to think about one item of clothing. 

What made you want to be a fashion major?

I have had a love for fashion since I was a little girl, but I love to express myself in that sense and I want to help others in that same way with fashion. 

Where are your favorite places to shop?

Nordstrom for sure, Revolve, Madewell, Zara, and Banana Republic, and I like Antropologie. I like pretty basic stores because of the pieces they have.

Who is your style icon/who inspires you?

Rachel Parcell, she is one of the fashion bloggers and has sold her personal line through Nordstrom. She has amazing style, and I love her. 

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What inspired you to become a blogger?

I love that blogging is a platform for fashion, but I was always scared of trying it. When I turned 20, I wanted to put myself out there and see what happens with it. 


What are your plans for being an influencer?

My plan is to start to work with brands and continue to reach young women and expand to other campuses. I want to not only share my love for clothing and fashion but also to share Christ with people. 

How do you get sponsors?

Either through companies reaching out to you by email or through social media, or getting a media kit and sending out to other companies. 

How has your style changed since coming to Baylor? 

I feel like my style’s changed because freshman year I would try to conform to what other people were wearing. I have embraced my style and what I want to wear and be unapologetically Berkeley Paige. 

What’s your favorite season to dress and why? 

My favorite season to dress is spring because I love florals and pastel colors, but I’m also currently excited for the upcoming fall season. 

Where can I find your blog?

You can either find it through my Instagram or look it up through the website. 


Instagram: @berkeley.paige 

What she’s wearing:

Dress - Nordstrom

Shoes - Steve Madden 

Written by: Victoria Nelon

Edited by: Josie Gruber

Photos by: Victoria Nelon