Savion Cotten

Class: Junior

Major: Political Science and Sociology

Hometown: Orange County, California

Savion Cotten is the definition of California cool, whether he’s cheering on the Baylor Bears from the sidelines as a Co-Ed cheerleader, walking across campus for class, or just hanging out with friends. In his denim and Vans, Savion is this week’s SHRN.


How would you describe your style in a 5 words or less?

My style is really just ‘a way to express my current mood or current state of mind.’

How has coming to Texas impacted the way you dress?

Texas definitely had me not necessarily questioning my sense of style, but I felt less comfortable wearing the things I’d wear in California here. After about a month of trying to fit into the Texas style I realized I couldn’t do it, so I fully embraced my style and the things I actually love wearing.


Where do you typically shop for clothes?

I love shopping so this hard. I’ve actually started thrifting for most of my clothes lately. Then if its an actual store I love Pacsun and Urban Outfitters,  but Forever 21 is always an option.

Who is your celebrity fashion icon?

Michael B. Jordan. His style lately has just been on.

What is one item in your closet that you can’t survive without?

Probably my plain black jeans. I was debating between saying those and my Vans but my jeans would probably always win.


If you could go back and tell your freshman self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Be yourself.

Written by: JJ Dickinson

Edited by: Abby Sowder

Photos by: Michaela Schirra