Sam Cedar


Class: Senior

Major: Film and English

Hometown: Marion, Illinois

Sam Cedar walked across the parking lot to meet us in a cool, collected, John Bender from The Breakfast Club kind of way. I kept expecting him to pump his first in the air with triumph. Bundled up to combat the cold, it was apparent that there was depth to his style – another element revealed with every layer. Even though he had only been to the Sul Ross skatepark once before, his threads seemed to fit right in with the surrounding vibe while also adding his own personal twist. It’s undeniable that Sam Cedar is So Hot Right Now.

How would you describe your style?

A mess (haha)! It’s kind of just a conglomerate of a bunch of different things. For example, I grew up on a farm, so I love going back to those roots in my style, but I’m also really inspired by music and streetwear culture. It’s a weird blend.  


Do you have a specific style icon?

Odd Future. They’re a rap group.  I like the stuff they do, and they have their own clothing line.

If you could steal any celebrity’s closet, who would it be?

Frank Ocean…enough said.

What’s your favorite article of clothing and why?

This peace sign necklace. There’s an artist near my hometown that made this. He’s an ironworker, and I wear it because it’s a reminder of home.


Where do you typically shop for clothes?

Mostly thrift stores. I like going to Buffalo Exchange in Austin.

How do you think your style has changed since coming to Baylor?

Well…when I got to Baylor, I didn’t have hair (haha)! I’ve allowed myself to be more experimental and expressive. I think when I got here I was scared to think outside the box and do things that people don’t do, but I kind of stopped caring.


What trends are you currently into?

I’m really into plain things and neutrals like this grey sweatshirt and solid color shirts.

What advice would you give your freshman self (regarding fashion, life choices, favorite hobbies etc.)?

Probably just to stop thinking that it’s important to be cool to other people. People will think you’re cool or not regardless of what you do. It allows you to be unapologetically your most authentic self.

What he’s wearing… shoes: Onitsuka Tiger jeans: BDG jacket: Carhartt sweatshirt: Champion shirt:

lucky shirt beanie: UrbanOutfitters

Written by: Andi Perkins

Photo by: Michaela Schirra

Edited by: Abby Sowder