Kate George

Classification: Junior

Major: Corporate Communication

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Austin native, Kate George, is a style icon. Kate finds her style inspiration from her mother, who has taught her to invest in well-made clothing. Kate loves her clothes to be sustainable and bold. The dress pictured was bought in Paris, while Kate studied abroad this past summer. She is unique, graceful, dainty, and this week’s So Hot Right Now. 

kate 4.jpg

In your own words, how would you describe your style?

I feel like my style has evolved, and it is still changing a lot. Currently, I like fun pieces. The dress [pictured] is really bold and fun. I like pieces that stand out. I also love staples. My style is classic but kind of millenial, modern, and bold. 

Where are your favorite places to shop?

Neiman Marcus & Nordstrom are my two department store favorites. Other than that, I love shopping at local boutiques-- there are a lot of fun ones in Austin. There’s a great designer consignment store (MOSS) in Austin that I love going to, because I am all about sustainable fashion, and I think shopping there is a great way to conserve. There’s another good store called INTERMIX-- I love their stuff. 

From where or whom do you find your style inspiration?

I would say I definitely got into fashion because of my mom, in whom I find a lot of my style inspiration. She’s always taken good care of herself, and she likes to have a clean look. She is conscious of the way she looks and the way she comes across in her clothes. That has inspired me a lot. From a young age, she would take me shopping, and that was always our thing to do together. The long-lasting pieces I buy, I often steal from her closet. She’s always taught me ways to shop smartly. 

kate 6.jpg

The rest of my style inspiration comes from influencers from Instagram.

Also, I like to dress according to my personality. I am extroverted and fun, and I like to reflect that in my clothes. From here, I like to find my bold pieces. 

I also come up with outfits in my head. Everyone in my family is really creative-- everyone in my family has their creative outlet. Mine has always been fashion. In my mind, I can always put pieces together and see what looks good together. I think this is a way the Lord has gifted me-- seeing colors and fabrics and really taking joy in seeing Him in these ways. 

Would you say Austin  has morphed your wardrobe and your passion for clothes?

Growing up in a city, you see hundreds of different styles every day. It doesn’t really matter what you wear, because there is so much diversity in Austin. People-watching is a great way to figure out what styles are in, what looks good, what compliments certain body types…  There are many pop-up boutiques and well-known stores-- I was so blessed to grow up there. I love the city, and I would love to move back. 

What is a piece of style advice that you think everyone should hear?

First, know how to dress according to your body type. For the longest time, I didn’t buy long dresses because I was so scared they would make me look a lot shorter than I am, because I am already really short. Try a lot of things out and know what looks good on you. Don’t be afraid to try things on. 

Secondly, it’s always good to have pieces that you can rewear and reuse with lots of different outfits. Like if you have a top that works with jean shorts, or a formal skirt, or a jacket, or a scarf… buy pieces that are versatile. This is so you don’t overcrowd your closet. I appreciate nice clothing and well-fabriced pieces. This way, instead of buying multiple cheap shirts, I can have one nice shirt that I can wear for five years. 

What is one article of clothing that you cannot live without?

A simple neutral colored dress-- I can wear it to church, I can wear it to fun dinners, I can pair it with tennis shoes, I can pair it with booties or heels if I needed to dress it up… 

Or, a really great sweater. I wear these to class a lot, and they look cute with jeans and even dresses. 

It depends on the season really. 

Also, a really good pair of tennis shoes. I have my pair of Golden Goose and I wear them all the time. This is the best purchase I’ve made in the past five years. They’re expensive, but they last so long because they are so well-made. 

If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it look like?

I love simple pieces-- I would wear a shorter, fun skirt. I could wear it with tights in the winter, or it would look great with tennis shoes/sandals in the summer. I would pair it with a fun, bright top. It is so easy to throw on both of those, and they look good in any season. 

What she’s wearing…

Dress- Le Bon Marché (the Paris store)

Boots- Rag & Bone

Written by: Avery Owens

Edited by: Josie Gruber

Photos by: Victoria Nelon