Kacee Daniels

Class: 2019

Major: Bio/Pre-Med

Hometown: Star City, Arkansas

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Kacee has no problem with letting his fashion do the talking. When you see him walk into a room, you know what he’s about even before a formal introduction. Clean, refined, and confident, Kacee Daniels is So Hot Right Now!

Describe your style for me.

I would say it’s a mix between classic menswear and a LA/Youtuber/Hipster vibe. I meet those somewhere in the middle

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Do you have any specific style icons?

I have a few. Some of them are Blake Scott, Adam Gallagher, and the stuff from Mr Porter.

What article is your favorite in your closet?

It would be my leather Fossil backpack. Any leather item becomes personal to you because it all wears different. You can have the same piece as somebody else, but they will wear differently.

Where do you normally shop?

I tend to shop at J. Crew, Club Monaco, Banana Republic, and some other preppy stores. I wouldn’t say that I really dress preppy though.

How has your style changed?

I used to dress preppy, but now it’s more ‘urban,’ which is a lot more personal to me.

What current trends are you following right now?

Chelsea boots for sure. I also like the trend of wearing clothes and paying attention to how they wear out – as things wear they can develop a personality.

How does your personality reflect in your fashion?

My personality and fashion are kind of opposites. I have a more muted personality, whereas my fashion makes more of a statement. It’s bolder. My fashion speaks for me.

When did you first start paying attention to your fashion?

In high school. Because I was more of a quiet guy, having a distinct fashion style was a way to be noticed. It introduced the real me to people.

What he’s wearing…

J. Crew shirt, Club Monaco jeans, Johnston & Murphy shoes, Movado Bold watch

Written by: Ricky Shull
Photos by: Ricky Shull
Edited by: Andi Perkins 
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