Esther Bahn

Classification: Junior

Major: Biochemistry

Minor: Business

Hometown: Fishers, IN

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Effortlessly cool and endlessly beautiful, Esther Bahn is the picture of adaptability and authenticity. Her style is notable for both its ease and complexity, making her an obvious choice for So Hot Right Now.

How would you describe your style?

I definitely think that my style is always evolving. Right now, I would say it’s more minimalistic. I try to coordinate basics and fit that into a style that I’m feeling for the day. For school it’s more inspired by hipster fashion, athleisure if I’m trying to motivate myself to work out.

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Sounds like you’ve got a lot of inspiration to pull from. What stores do you shop from?

I’m feeling very inspired by Urban Outfitters and Zara right now, but you’ll almost always find me sporting something from a thrift store. I’d like to think of myself as a professional thrift-shopper.

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What about people?

Honestly, I feel inspired by almost everyone. I pick pieces I see on friends, strangers, even social media and put together an outfit that I feel expresses how I feel for the day.

Where’s your favorite place to look for upcoming fashion trends?

I love Pinterest. Whether I’m going for hipster, athletic, or something in between, I can always go to Pinterest and think up something to wear based from what I find. Pinterest and YouTube, they’re my secret weapons when it comes to creating an outfit.

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Written by: Rachel Caldwell
Photos by: Rachel Caldwell
Edited by: Abby Sowder