Davis Bates

Class: 2020

Major: Marketing Major with Apparel Merchandising Minor

Hometown: Lufkin, Texas

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With laid-back threads and a degree to match, it’s clear Davis Bates has an eye for style. Despite hailing from a town smaller than the Waco zip code, his wardrobe resounds big city vibes, which makes him perfect for this week’s So Hot Right Now.

How would you describe your style?

Retro, but also modern.

Do you have a specific style icon?

Jacob Keller. He’s a designer in Portland. He has a really cool Instagram. He makes clothes that look vintage.

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If you could steal any celebrity’s closet, who would it be?

Kanye West….enough said.

What’s your favorite article of clothing and why?

I have these Suicoke sandals that are really comfortable! I used to wear Birkenstocks all the time, so they’re kind of like that but a little different.

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Where do you typically shop for clothes?

I go to Goodwill a lot and Style Station in West, Texas.

How do you think your style has changed since coming to Baylor?

In high school, I got into fashion because of skateboarding, so I kind of moved away from that style into more of what I like as an individual.

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What trends are you currently into?

I really like the sandals trend, and also I think cropped T-shirts are really cool.

What advice would you give your freshman self (regarding fashion, life choices, favorite hobbies etc.)?

Try to pick out your outfits the night before so you aren’t rushed in the morning. Also, don’t be afraid to wear something a little weird. It’s okay to stretch your boundaries.

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What he’s wearing…

shirt: Nike, pants: Levi’s 501, shoes: Air Jordan 1

Written by: Andi Perkins
Photo by: Allison Lee
Edited by: Abby Sowder