Althea Musakasa

Class: Sophomore

Major: Biochemistry Pre-Med

Hometown: Harare, Zimbabwe

Althea Musakasa can be described as a mix of deep roots and new routes. With a thoughtful style and powerful flare, she boldly unites casual with class, old with new. Althea's a vibe all of her own, and for this reason, she is this week's So Hot Right Now.

How would you describe your style?

Versatile. When I buy an item I like to be able to dress it up and dress it down. I’m all over the place, but usually dress modern with a vintage flair.

How has your philosophical side affected your sense of fashion?

I’m all about freedom and being your own person. I dress freely not so much for other people, but through other people. You find yourself by how you interact with others and the relationships you build. Fashion is another form of that interaction and a very big part of that for me is intentionality. There is a reason behind every piece that I wear.

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What was your motivation or inspiration for today’s outfit?

So, these are my girl-power pants. There’s a strength to them, but also an essence of femininity. I’m all about balance. The loose top is fitted around the pant waist, then the shoes add a strappy extension to this sort of capri length, and it all just kind of compliments the larger look.

What advice can you give for students like yourself, who want to dress nice, despite demanding classes or long hours?

Be intentional with your time. Set time aside for deciding what you want to wear, what body type you’re looking to compliment, and when shopping, don’t just but any item. Shop with an intent, but keep your mind open. Have fun with it, and just be creative!

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If you could be friends with one musical icon, who would that be?

Jordan Rakei. I think his music is very expressive and it gets the point across. It’s free, but focused, and I think he tells a good story in every song. He’s “simplex.” And has jazz roots, which you can never go wrong with.

Who are the top five artists on your playlist right now?

Oh, I like this question. Jon Bap, Nick Hakim, Orion Sun, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan.

You recently did a photo shoot for PETA. What influenced you to model for that, and did it change your perceptions of clothing?

I don’t honestly know what led to it, it was pretty impromptu. However, it did bring my attention to the impact it has on snakes, namely pythons. I hadn’t realized the true ramifications of the snake skin industry. I don’t own anything made from snake skin, but it was still eye opening towards a much larger picture.

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How do your changing hairstyles affect your moods?

I’m super chill in general, so right now with my faux locks, I just throw them up and let them do what they do. I do change my hair a lot, so for example, when I have my natural hair I feel a strong sense of black power. It’s like that really with all of my hairstyles, I just channel that empowerment in different ways.

And, lastly, what does your skin care routine consist of?

I try to exfoliate at least two to three times a week, or every other day. When I don’t exfoliate I like to use either just a dove bar, or African black soap. After washing I use Mario Badescu Lavender Spray, then I apply a very, very small amount of olive oil, for moisturizing.

Written by: Camryn Thane
Photos by: Michaela Schirra
Edited by: Abby Sowder