Annie Zhang

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Classification: Junior

Major: Film and Digital Media

Hometown: Chongqiing, China

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Annie Zhang is a beautiful dichotomy. A fusion of art, culture and fashion, she is the epitome east meets west. Read below to find out why among so other things, she is so hot right now.

How would you describe your fashion?
My fashion is simplistic but forward thinking. I’m a FDM major, so I am constantly inspired by films and other art around me.

What else do you think inspires your fashion?
My background for sure. I’m from China, so I was raised in an eastern culture. I’m combining that style with my western interests and the new environment I’m in.

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Which do you relate to more, in terms of fashion, eastern or western style?
Eastern definitely –  if only because they always put thought into how they present themselves. I would never be caught dead wearing sweatpants or pajamas in public. It’s so funny now, when I go home my mom always says it looks like I’m about to go to sleep. I try to keep my style consistent though, so even if I don’t fit in, I’m always very confident in how I present myself. I love fashion because it allows us to become the person we want to be.

What would you say some of your favorite stores are?
Zara, Brandy Melville, and  Bershka. I also really love Doc Martens. I like for my fashion to always be adaptive and always fit how I’m feeling or what I’m interested in.

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What She’s Wearing…

beanie: Zara, sweatshirt: Brandy Melville, pants: Bershka, boots: Dr. Martens, socks: Tommy Hilfiger

Written and Photographed by: Rachel Caldwell 
Edited by: Andi Perkins