#DoingThings at Baylor

It’s not a typical day at Baylor if you haven’t seen at least one person wearing Outdoor Voices. (OV). The brand has taken campus by storm and is the new unofficial uniform for students.

OV’s slogan is embodied in the form of a hashtag— #DoingThings. The community is all about getting outside and doing just that… things. 

The brand encourages customers to be active in whatever form they choose. From rollerblading to kickboxing to running marathons, you can do literally anything you want in their clothing.

Originating in Austin, the company now has nine stores (soon to be 10). Locally, there are stores in Dallas and Austin. Maybe one day they will have one in Waco (a girl can wish).

The brand pushes for making a difference in the world, and they are doing that in so many ways.

One way is by including all body types in their marketing. This is non-traditional for an exercise brand, but they want to show the world that being healthy can look so many different ways. 

Another way is by promoting sustainability and fighting for the earth. Just a couple weeks ago, they closed their shops early to gather and march in the Global Climate Strikes. Their clothing is a part of the mission as well. Their new MegaFleece, is made with 63% recycled wool. Additionally, their new Solar Panel Shorts are fighting CO2 pollution— “Every pair of Solar Shorts purchased offsets a month’s worth of CO2 emissions.” 


It makes perfect sense why every customer is so proud to show off their OV. This makes branding easy for the company. A lot of their marketing comes from customers who post a picture on a social media platform in their OV with the hashtag, #DoingThings. Customers wear their OV proudly.

Founder and CEO, Ty Haney, said in her interview with The New York Times, “We’re not up against the Nikes, Under Armours and Lulus of the world. What we’re up against is people’s negative perceptions of themselves.”


OV is fighting for world change and positivity. There is so much good they are doing, beyond encouraging people to be active. They realize change goes beyond the exterior, and it includes the interior as well. 

I am proud to be an Outdoor Voices campus representative. If you have never made an OV purchase before or you just want to add more to your collection, remember college students get a 20% discount when making an account with an .edu email. 

Also, you can join us October 21 at 5 p.m. for a run around campus.


Get out there and start #DoingThings!  

Written by: Avery Owens

Edited by: Josie Gruber

Photos by: Victoria Nelon