Pretty on Paper

Dallas city girl, AJ Johnson, is fresh out of college and is a watercolor queen. A San Diego native, Johnson takes inspiration from all over and from “all things happy.” Her business, Pretty On Paper, started out small and has since exploded into what it is today. We are excited to give you a preview of her vibrant art!

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Tell me little about Pretty On Paper.Pretty On Paper is a creative outlet for me. I make note cards, greeting cards, art prints, watercolors, save-the-dates, and custom orders. I love nature and the outdoors, so in college I started painting things on the side and it turned into this. It started small and now I get to make stuff that people buy. I always try to incorporate as much paint as possible.

How was Pretty On Paper started?

It started out as a hobby junior year of college. At first I just made note cards for friends for fun. I was later encouraged by my friends to start selling my art on Etsy. Then, I spread out to Instagram, and it has taken over from there. My goal is to be able to do this full-time someday.

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Where do you find inspiration for your art?

I am from San Diego, and I have a huge love for the ocean. I love flowers, nature, and the outdoors. I get lots of dog requests, which I love to paint. I honestly love anything happy. I try to keep everything light, airy, and positive.

What is your favorite part about creating art that people can buy?

I love meeting new people. I enjoy being able to take what people want (most of the time they don’t even know what they want), and giving them options to choose from. I really like the back-and-forth communication until we achieve the final product. I love the end result, making the perfect design, and making people happy. Forming relationships is the best.

What is your favorite thing to create?

Well, I usually just start by painting. Lately, my favorite thing to do is art printing. It started out with a fox, and I have just started creating new art prints from there. Art prints are fun and the next step for me.

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What can we expect from Pretty On Paper at Pop-Up?

I’ll have a lot of Christmas stuff (ha!). I will have note cards, greeting cards, a couple of sample art prints (not sure if they’re going to be for sale yet), and Christmas gift tags. If I don’t sell the art prints, I will give my contact information for how to get in touch with me to have one customized. I will have a lot of sample art of stuff I’ve done in the past as well.

What are you most excited for at Pop-Up?

Everything! I love doing pop-ups, since I haven’t done a lot before. I love to talk to people in person instead of over email. I am also excited to see what other people bring. I love getting new ideas from others. I am just excited to be included!

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Come visit AJ at Buttoned Pop-Up on November 10 at Pinewood Roasters, and check out Pretty on Paper on Instagram @_prettyonpaper_ and Etsy!

Written by: Avery Owens
Edited by: Abby Sowder