THIS WEEK: Tutu Adeyeni

THIS WEEK: Tutu Adeyeni

Class: Senior

Major: International Studies

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

This week we headed over to Hey Sugar! to capture the ever-smiling face of Tutu Adeyeni. Her colorful style and personality could light up any room. Even with a bright cup of ice cream in her hands and a wall full of color behind her, this girl didn’t even have to try to stand out.

How would you describe your personal style?

I like being colorful. I feel like, for a dark-skin girl, colors make me pop like yellow and orange and red. I wear really bright colors so that my skin can really pop. I really love thrifting. I really like the old, vintage clothes – high-waisted jeans and all of that. I don’t know. Mostly color – if it’s vintage, I just want to go for the bright ones so I can stand out.

What inspires your style?

A lot of Nigerian clothes like Natives. It’s called Ankara. What I have on is lace. It’s something you would wear to a wedding or the first Sunday of the month to go to church. You wouldn’t wear this on a normal day, but you can wear Ankaras on a Friday to work. I like how colorful they are and how they can mix any color together. That’s what inspires me the most – I just really love our materials that we use. Nigerian fashion is just so bright!

Do you have a specific style icon?

There’s a singer in Nigeria. Her name is Yemi Alade. She loves wearing Natives. In all her music videos she has really bright colors and a really bright personality. She exudes a lot of confidence and brightness. All her styles are great.

What’s your favorite article of clothing and why?

English Clothes: My jean jacket. I have a blue jean jacket, and it’s the love of my life. I like to wear it to everything even when it’s hot. It’s big and oversized and I just like to feel lost in it. It’s distressed which gives it that edgy style.

Natives: I got dress sewn. It’s yellow and blue. It’s probably all over my Instagram. I’ve posted like 100 pictures of it! It’s a simple dress, but I can totally pull it off and wear it anywhere. Everyone knows it because I wear it so much!

How do you think your style has changed since coming to Baylor?

Here, it’s common for everyone to wear shorts. It’s Texas. It’s hot so of course, but in Nigeria, it’s not normal for you to wear really short stuff. A lot of people aren’t used to seeing those shorty-shorts. I’ve learned to appreciate it at Baylor. I can wear shorts when it’s hot and humid. I’m more confident. I feel very restricted back home and I couldn’t really express myself in my style and my clothing because I was worried someone might report me to my mom or find it uncomfortable. Here I’m able to do whatever and combine whatever I can.

What stores do you shop at in Waco?

I love thrifting. In Nigeria, it’s called “bend down select” because you bend down to the piles of used clothes on the street and grab what you like. Sometimes you’ll get something and then get home and then realize it’s too small. I like thrifting in America because it’s cheap, and I like to think about who the person was that owned it before me. Besides thrifting, for dresses, I usually go online to Missguided and ASOS. I really love their dresses – they’re so pretty. I get my basics from H&M and Forever 21. I have curves and finding jeans in stores is hard. I thrift all my jeans. I always go to the men’s section for high-waisted jeans.

Written by: Ali Brown

Photographed by: Alison Plueckhahn

Edited by: Ariana Coleman


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